Hi all, came across this social app that I would like to blog. I thinkĀ  most of you might have already known about applications that merge different social applications together and this is one of them. It allows you to keep track of multiple accounts within one single application. Good for those who have more than one account on facebook or twitter. One major problem with this application is the lack of social applications it can support. Currently, what I can see from my side is that, it can only support facebook, twitter, google buzz, salesforce Chatter ( which I have no idea what this is ). It will be good if yammer is on the list as well. Oh! and just for your information, I am usingĀ android and I have no idea if its the same as iphone or not.

One great twitter app for android. You can tweet with geolocation, add or take photos and videos, add links with URL Shortener, view Timeline, @Replies, and the list goes on. However, the limitation on facebook as far as I can see are the lack of messages, chats, the ability to view photos (which I think is one that’s the most important). So far so good, as you can post on your wall and have update news feed. One good feature that comes along with this app for android is the widget that can be installed on the main page. So I don really have to open up the application to keep track of all the updated news feed.


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